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  1. Yeah I’m copying directly from PowerPoint (Cmd + v) and it keeps saving as a preview attachment and not an image. I can copy and paste to another app or even save the image to the computer and then I can save the image as an image attachment in Evernote. It’s just that it really messes with my workflow and isn’t as intuitive as I would like it to be.
  2. Hi, I'm a new evernote user. It ticks all of my boxes and I'm excited to use it. However all my lectures from uni are on powerpoint, and sometimes I want to copy and paste an image from the powerpoint. However, when I do this, the picture is pasted as a file (like a pdf) not an image. I have attached a screenshot, with the first phot coming from google images and the second from powerpoint. A you can see the second is like a document which I cannot resize and It's really frustrating. Anyone know a way to fix this?
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