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  1. Thanks to this post, I wouldn't even consider subscribing to Evernote like Everrrr...Even the most basic apps on Appstore these days support Text markup like Markdown, Textile.. and some form of automatic processing. Without Markdown support, the rest of the features of Evernote are quite useless. Who has time to sit and photoshop your text documents to awesomeness..
  2. Saving audio files is a great feature of Evernote. Thanks to the Evernote team for that. Here I have a feature that I would like to see in Evernote that allows users to search through audio or video files using existing Evernote features. Kindly forgive me if the feature already exists in Evernote. Feature Request: Add annotations to audio or video clips. Something Like you might have seen on Youtube: add a string in the format 00:40 will create a link to take the user 40seconds from the start of the video Udemy video player: Allows adding short searchable descriptive text to points in the timeline of the audio/video Use Case / Scenario: I have multiple lecture audio files/video clips demonstrating a software feature, currently we cannot search inside audio clips to search where the lecturer starts to talk/demonstrate about a particular topic Functionality: With this feature it should be possible to Add an `annotation file` of a special format like JSON or something like that into which the user can add annotations and attach it to a video/audio file Annotations: Allow the user to insert cue points into the annotation file with an optional description Now the user can link from other notebooks to this cue point in the annotation file Allows the user to search through all the annotations using existing Evernote features
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