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  1. I have: Huawei Y5 2018; android version 8.1.0; evernote 8.12. I can't understand if the OS is actually managing notifications differently because I've changed the evernote settings for notifications and nothing happens. I'm missing something. Since I don't have a premium account, I can't approach the evernote technical team, for them to guide me on what definition should I put in on and off So I was hoping someone here could
  2. I have a problem. I had Evernote installed on another phone and everything went well with all the reminders. I would create a reminder, set the alarm and at that time there would appear the note on the phone to remember, like a pop-up Now I switched to a Huawei, installed Evernote, but the reminders no longer appear on the main screen. pop-ups no longer appear. They are registered within the app but I need them to continue to appear on my main phone screen. How do I set this up? Thanks
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