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  1. Thanks for this info, Nick. https://evernote.com/features/webclipper Why would you leave this link active, or not make it open a notification for Safari users instead of keeping it active, and create the incredible frustration of something super basic simply not working - the link takes safari users to a page of Safari extensions with no WebClipper. The extension being down is no big deal, I use the share button, to which I've added Evernote as a destination. Clicking it when WebClipper isn't installed creates a pop up with the option to save the page to evernote right below a big ol' link to the WebClipper page. So instead of clicking save and moving on, I clicked to get WebClipper going again "real quick". Getting my data is the thing though, so if adding details later by sharing directly to the app or jumping over to Chrome is necessary that's doable and understandable. Not doing every possible thing you can to keep the user experience groovy is a troubling sign, more so if it was not an oversight but an attempt to be discreet. When I opened this page there was an information banner that you can X out to close once you've read it. It did not tell me why I couldn't download WebClipper. I had to find out in the reply to a post from someone else who was forced to wonder WTF was going on with their computer, the Apple store, or if Evernote was simply incapable of correctly keeping their extension downloadable. I don't think I'm alone in hoping that Evernote has the grit to be a lifelong partner in data collection. We've been hurt before by data collection applications that start good then fall apart and we're very sensitive. It might not seem like a big deal but we're not just talking about time wasted dicking around in the app store then having to hunt down the reason why basic stuff isn't working, this is about trust, it's about putting the user experience first every.single.time. I'd suggest a policy that includes a press release, notifications across the spectrum of where you might catch a user eyeballs, and for the love of pete - stay aware of where your app is promoting add-on features and do us at least the basic kindness of a note on the landing page so we don't waste our time. That's not the McMillan way, son. Thanks again for posting this! Jeff
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