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  1. I think that may be why you didn't see it. It appears to work properly if you type the full tag name, it just doesn't like the partial. Thank you for helping look in to this though!
  2. Yes this is exactly what's happening. So I guess what's next? Is there a better way to report this or formally request it to be fixed? Or do we live with it?
  3. Did you type out the entire word "burrow" on your second attempt? When you auto-completed, did you click it, Tab or Enter? Essentially yes, that's what I'm doing but instead of tagging correctly it just creates a new tag with the partially typed tag when I hit Tab or Enter to auto-complete with the suggestion after backspacing the field clear and starting to type again. Does it work properly if you type in a different tag that may not have been in the initial list of suggestions? For example - Start typing "Bu" and then switch to say something that starts with an S?
  4. Hello! When attempting to tag a note I run in to what I would consider to be a bug... I guess I want to report that / find out if it's actually a bug or if it was an oversight. - As probably a lot of Evernote users do, I have a lot of tags and I can't always remember what they are. So, when I tag things it kind of goes like this - start a new note press F3 or click on "Add tag..." to tag the note I start to type what I think is the tag I need and suggestions begin to pop up I realize after checking the popup suggestions that the tag I need is not the list so I backspace the field clear Now that the field is empty, I begin typing the correct tag exactly so that it is the only suggested tag to popup in the suggested tag list I press tab or enter to select / auto-complete my tag per what is shown in the suggested tag list after only partially typing in my needed tag. Example - The tag I need might be "5 This Month". When I have typed in "5 This" the only tag I see in the suggested tags is the correct one "5 This Month" and it is highlighted blue as though it would be the tag selected in an auto-complete scenario when pressing tab or enter. Instead of actually auto-completing and using the tag that showed up in the auto-complete suggestion box a new tag gets created named what I had partially typed in to the tag field. Per my example, It would have created a new tag named "5 This" This is pretty frustrating because now, I have an incorrectly tagged note that looked like it would tag correctly and I have to clean it up and re-tag it correctly. To clarify, this only happens if I have started to type out a tag and then clear the field to type a new tag name. In order to prevent this from happening I have to correctly type the tag in the first time which is cool and all but realistically just doesn't happen all the time especially when using multiple tags. Or, I have to completely cancel tagging by clicking in to the body of the note before starting to tag the note with the correct tag. Using Evernote for Windows 10 Version (308626) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)
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