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  1. Yes, same as you, I'm on Mac OS 10.15.5 and Evernote 7.14. I've also not been able to find anything else about it elsewhere, although it's perhaps difficult to know quite what to search for!
  2. Hi ecr822, no I'm afraid I never found a solution and am still having this problem. I don't know if I mistyped before or if it has changed but 'd' is also now working fine for me, yet I'm still having the problem every time with 's', 't' and 'n'. In a way I'm glad to know it isn't just me, although baffled as to why this is happening! Let me know if you find anything that fixes it.
  3. And now the problem is back again! Very strange... (I was sure I must have tried turning them off and on again before!) I think unless anyone can work out what is going on I will just have to stop using smart quotes and make formatting changes elsewhere when I export or copy notes to other documents.
  4. Hi Nick, many thanks for your reply and sorry for my long delay in getting back to you, work got very busy last week. Keyboard system preferences are configured as standard, set to 'Automatic by Language', with 'Use smart quotes and dashes' ticked, and the top option selected for each of the drop-down boxes ('for Double Quotes' and 'for Single Quotes'). I tried playing around with these and it didn't seem to fix anything. However, what does seem to have worked, at least for the moment, is simply turning smart quotes off in the 'Substitutions' menu on Evernote (which I did last week
  5. I wonder if anyone can help me; I've looked everywhere but I can't seem to find anything about this issue anywhere online! I use single quotation marks for quotations, as is standard in British English, but whenever a quote starts with the letters s, d, or t, the smart quote defaults the wrong way. I have to manually change them every time, and it's infuriating! Let me post an example straight from Evernote: So for example, ‘a quote’ doesn’t cause a problem but ’some quotes’ does. As you can see, the quotation mark before the word 'some' is the wrong way. This ONLY happens in E
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