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  1. Thanks for your answer. So, as you state, you can indeed select a range of tags and delete them. That was one of my questions, and the answer apparently is "yes", you can. That is good to know, even though I did it inadvertently, at least I know it was my error and not a bug. Regards!
  2. During an organizing process, I was moving notebooks and deleting some unused tags. I had about 20 tags in total and had deleted a few when suddenly, all of my tags except four of them disappeared, with no way of getting them back. I tried reloading the page, logging out and back in, and checking my Android app to see if I could restore them, but nothing worked. I checked the forum to see if someone experienced something similar, but didn't find anything. Has someone experienced a similar issue? Is there a way to bulk delete tags that maybe I did without knowing? Is there a way to recover deleted tags? Thanks!
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