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  1. In the windows app, yes. But I'm mostly using the web version (better editior in the beta version) and mobile version. There you can't see the tag tree
  2. Thanks. It is a good idea, but I am using tags (I like them. Deviders would just be additional)
  3. Exactly. But I know there are ways to handle it in Evernote. I just don‘t think it‘s optimal. Thankfully there are mediums to discuss such topics. Like forums
  4. Ok sorry that I missunderstood. The best example would be different subjects for university. I have a notebook named university. In it there are notes for mathematics, thermodynamics etc. and organizational notes. Yes - I can use tags. But for me deviders would be clearer in this case: one section called „mathematics“ another „organization“ and so on. Those deviders could then be in form of visual tabs. If you look on the picture I showed in a previous post: on the right side of the paper there are extensions. One could visually implement those and click on them to go to different s
  5. You are totally right. I only thought this forum section is to share ideas of improvements (doesn‘t mean EN needs to implement it). Named deviders would help me and I think not only me. Wich does not mean its for everybody.
  6. Agreed. You can do so much with tags. But sometimes it just seems a bit cryptical which I don‘t like (and I am not the only one facing this problem).
  7. I don‘t think we are using EN the same way. I normally use it for university and other projects. Yes, I could use tags and I am using them. It would just be an extra feature which would make searching notes a bit faster (for the way I am using EN). I don‘t know why you are so negative idea. I would like to know what would be so bad if there were deviders. (Why are you „defending“ the idea of tags) I don‘t really get your example, I am sorry (none native speaker) Greetings
  8. For me it gets more and more unclear if I just add tags. And for some notebooks I need specific tags that I don't need in others. With a register you can switch to different parts of your notebook without having to add more and more tags. Just because there are tags and it works doesn't mean there aren't other ways wich may function more efficiently.
  9. Is or will there be an App for Android / iOS where you can access Evernote Forum? If I'm trying to connect to Evernote Forum on my Apple Device the only thing happening is that the Evernote App opens Thanks in advance!
  10. You are absolutely right. Tags are one of the key-functions for organizing notes. Nevertheless I belive visual feedback like registers would totally help many people. Sometimes tags get too complicated and you just want to quickly find some notes. I am using tags to structure notes on a more detailed level. Notebooks for a rough overview. Now I am missing something in between: something like registers
  11. I am sorry for the late response. What I mean with registers you can find in enclosed picture. It's for seperating notes in a notebook and giving them different "topics" inside the notebook. This would help to make notebooks clearer.
  12. I've been using Evernote for over a month now and love it. Though I found some things wich I would love as features in Evernote! Notebook Stick notes on top of a Notebook for a better visibility Sort notes individualy: freely drag and drop notes in a notebook Insert a register inside a notebook: like in real life I'd love to insert a register in a notebook to better organize my files Features A more versitile Reminder: using recurring reminders; remind when I'm at a specific place; and so on Tag system in Web / Mobile analog to Windows / Mac App: It is ki
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