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  1. Yes. All 3 After some support I can paste to new notes if I type something and delete it then it works. Editing notes I have to close and reopen ten a few times.
  2. Ok. I understand. I did do it as asked. It doesn't show anything. I've watched it. Frustrating. They have gone quiet on me now. I have 3 different devices all doing the same thing. Different versions of android and different apps on them all. If I could get one of them working it wouldn't be so bad.
  3. Why? As a user from the beginning tellng them paste doesn't work should be self explanatory. This insistence on visual proof is ridiculous. I can't paste to the app period. What's so complicated about that?
  4. I have used Evernote from the beginning. I've been a paying user for years. I'm desperate to get the android app paste function working again. I haven't been able to paste anything for months. Support keep wanting all kinds of things like screen capture videos. They won't show the problem. They can't show my gestures etc. Does anyone take such problems seriously? It happens across my android devices. I can't be the only one.
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