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  1. Thanks, the problem was resolved when they unlocked my login and I guessed the password on the 4th try and was able to update my email information in Evernote.
  2. Am I posting in the wrong place? How can I have 4 views and no answers in 36 hours ???
  3. I have had Evernote Plus for about 7 years My email has changed from a defunct Verizion account to a Gmail account I remain logged into Evernote on my iPad and never use a password. I want to undate my email information but cannot find how to do that on the iPad If I try to sign in on another device with my defunct email it tells me sign in is locked for security please change password. I know an attempt to change a password will sent something to my defunct email account. I suspect that even if I figure out how to change my email on the iPad where I am still logged
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