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  1. Oh... I feel like such an idiot - I missed the colon! Sorry!
  2. Thanks for responding... Here's a screengrab... I've typed '-tag*' into search, but as you can see, this note has tags...?
  3. Hi, I understand how to find notes that have no tags I understand how to find notes that are not tagged with a certain tag What I'd like to do is exclude certain tags from my searches... e.g. I have a lots of notes tagged 'birds', and a lot tagged 'places'. Quite a few have both. What I'd like to do is find all the 'places' that are NOT also 'birds'... Can this be done? Thanks
  4. Hi, How can I find my untagged notes? the internet suggests I search... -tag:* ... but when I do this, I get notes with tags... Thanks
  5. Every year or two, I get all excited about the possibilities of using Evernote to record and organise my life, then I remember why I abandoned it the last time - it's so difficult to organise things. Yes, there are tag-related workarounds, but why can't I do what I've been doing on my mac for the last 25 years - put folders within folders (or 'Notebooks' if you insist)? By FAR the simplest and most intuitive method IMHO. Come on Evernote - people have been asking for this for YEARS!
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