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  1. Agreed, especially on Dark Mode on Windows is unlikely to appear anytime soon, i mean this already requested since 2012 and 7 years later still no dark mode...
  2. Sure huge cost, but everybody knows evernote has much better profit than other small apps like simplenote, google keep, joplin, and many more so huge cost is most likely invalid reasons. yes i am seeking onenote since microsoft seems to understand their users much better than evernote Agreed, even big company such as google, microsoft, apple, and many more are implemented this feature because they know it is important. such a shame big company such as evernote doesnt understand. i thought we are now talking about win32 right? then you mean simplenote, joplin, and many more are not win32 apps ? they dont even need windows store version to get dark mode, they can implement it on win32 ! yes i glad you understand how eyestrain issue is important but evernote ignored it
  3. Requested since 2012, says something like minimum of 6 months of efforts and only available on UWP? Lot of other note taking apps based on win32 has dark mode already such as simplenote, google keep, joplin, and many more, they knows it is important features and even google understands. so basically mr.mathew720 means 7 years is not enough, Maybe 20 years later then evernote implements dark mode then it's already too late, people already using onenote at that time.
  4. I am with you buddy, start migrating from evernote to onenote too ! 😎 We have requested dark mode for windows since 7 years ago and look they just dont care about our feedback. now microsoft launched DARK MODE on ONENOTE ! microsoft knows that dark mode is really important for us and most likely will beat EVERNOTE because for feature they underestimated or ignored (7 years and still counting proves obviously evernote team think dark mode is just not important) Let's see how much user will started leaving like us and move to onenote just because of dark mode. When total users keep declining, then evernote will regret their decision.
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