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  1. The ability to manually drag and drop the order of notes within a notebook
  2. Be great if you could implement note types, specifically a checklist/list/todo type. Scenario: I create a note that is "Grocery List" that is a checklist type The note itself behaves a bit more like Wunderlist whereby you: Have a button to add a list item Can drag and drop to change the order of the list Each item can have a bunch of properties e.g. Reminder Due Date Repeat Add file Add note Can hold and press on list items to action something e.g. delete Decide whether to show completed items or not Move list items between different notes that are of a checklist type. I can highlight (select / deselect) items that are important using a visual indicator like a star or exclamation mark that become highlighted or emphasized when selected. I can then check items that are completed and they will disappear from the list (assuming that I have that set for this note) I can reset all items in the checklist to be completed or not completed OR important or not important This would avoid me having to use another app that is todo/checklist richer to manage to-do lists. Evernote has an implementation of to-do lists using the "checklist" buttons but this is not overly friendly. It appears to be based on the idea that each note is text based and that every note has the same functionality - although simple it dumbs down the possibilities of Evernote.
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