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  1. I use Evernote extensively, but it's lack of good support for saving code snippets and scripts is infuriating. When someone is writing within a { } code block, they are dealing with precise computer code not the human language. Yet often when I try to modify or write any code within these blocks Evernote is unusable as it attempts to auto-correct and auto-format what I'm writing to fit grammatical mistakes. To reproduce: - Create a code {} block. Inside the part formatted for code write something Evernote wants to auto-correct. E.g. pidport When you write this out Evernote will autocorrect it to "Purport". I love Evernote, but if I ever leave the platform it will be because of its poor support for storing code. I can't risk scripts I save in notes to be modified slightly and broken, from auto-correct. The fix should be simple: inside code { } blocks disable Evernote's auto formatting.
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