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  1. Does evernote know or track 'how' a note was created? The idea is to distinguish between notes that I have 'typed' (which tend to be more succinct and relevant in many situations vs. notes that are more catch all - i.e. email threads...(I use evernote as a catch all bucket and end up throwing any emails in that might be useful in the future). I would love to search for a specific string but ask that the results returned EXCLUDE anything that was forwarded in. Even more granular...search or exclude anything that has been 'cut and pasted' Hope that makes sense!
  2. I use a simple 'inbox' notebook as my default that I then re-file into specific project/topic notebooks on a weekly basis. Lately, it would seem that many notes that should be in the inbox are getting put into notebooks. I cannot tell if this is a feature update of some sort? Its not every note. Its also not always accurate. The problem is that I won't notice things are misfiled since this breaks it out of my workflow. Any ideas on why this is happening all of a sudden? I am using the latest Evernote for Mac. Thank you for any insight! Robb
  3. These are some old posts. I love the continual improvement Evernote has made and I am a devoted/paid user. But could really use some help with my aging eyes. An overall zoom that can make things bigger without having to play with fonts (that only address the notes anyway). PLEASE?
  4. I use high res screens with my Mac and standard font sizes across the app can often be difficult to work with. I do really wish we had an overall Zoom that could enlarge everything without have to make fonts bigger/
  5. As innovative as Evernote is...I still need this bad so I can tie it in with my other systems. Please!
  6. I sure would love to this feature fully baked. I am a Things user for my GTD practice and could really use a 'link to specific note' URL to use on my machine locally.
  7. I found this list when trying to find out how to highlight text in a note....so let me add: 1. Highlight existing text (wild that this does not exist already?) 2. Increased Wacom support 3. Improve the ToDo functionality (I think OneNote had this cool feature where all your items marked as To Do's could be pulled and listed in one spot...as opposed to just all the notes that have a to do in them...I like how it extracted) 4. Support for embed codes - example: instead of a link to a YouTube video...it would be way cool to just use the embed code and be able to play it within the note...take notes around it. 5. Blog publishing 6. Distraction free mode - ability to go full screen and have only what is being written visible (MacJournal feature) Thank you for the great product! Robb
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