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  1. For some reason ... mine works again now. Maybe the bug was found and the app updated?
  2. How big are they? I am using the camera function. Making a new note, adding a photo (it asks, from file or take a photo), and I take a photo of one or more forms that I need to keep track of. It worked for ... at least a year I think, and suddenly I realise only the thumbnail is working. When I open the note - there is nothing. Even after weeks later, should be plenty of time for syncing. I used my iPad - doing exactly the same - and all works fine. Hence, I think there must be a bug in the current version of Evernote (maybe only some installs, or some iPhones?) Using iPhone 8 and iPadPro2 (l12.9" or whatever, the larger one)
  3. I have had the same issue for a few months. It says "You have 10 GB of 10 GB available". Should be enough space. It works fine if I use my iPad (iPad Pro V2 large version), while not from my iPhone8. I removed the Evernote app from the iPhone, downloaded it again, logged in and let it sync. Then I created a new note - and the same as gdog above: I can see a thumbnail in the overview, but when I open it, there are no photos. It is also supposed to OCR the picture: And when I search for text, it doesn't show those newer notes where the photos cannot be opened. So they are not scanned either.
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