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  1. (a year later) Oh well, Evernote appear to have changed their native interface. This is not working anymore.
  2. I have to admit that I was impressed by Marxico. I did not, however, wish to have to go through a third party web interface to edit my notes. Being on OS X, I decided to see how far I could go by interacting with the heavy client. Turns, out, after many headaches, the answer is: quite far. This script will let you edit your notes in vim, but you can substitute your favorite editor via an easy modification. Have a look: https://github.com/Fusion/EditENinVI -- the screen capture gives you a pretty good idea of what kind of result you can get. You can check the corresponding enriched markdown entry here: https://github.com/Fusion/EditENinVI/blob/master/examples/screenshot_source.txt This does not come with "batteries included!" -- you will have to install a few things. At the very least you will need 'multimarkdown' Let me know what you think. Hope this helps you as much as it's helped me so far!
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