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  1. It could have been a bug in a rich text API that EN uses for editing the body of notes.
  2. I have ~250 apps on my iPhone. So far with my testing EN is the only app that does not work under iOS 13. It is not possible to view or edit the contents of a note, but the preview shows the text. While there are some annoying bugs with iOS 13, this is the only critical one I have found.
  3. And EN needs to remember that without premium users like me they are out of business. Hundreds of thousands of app providers who all have had access to the iOS beta for months now have apps that work. But not EN. If this isn’t fixed soon I will begin the migration of my 10+ years of notes to another platform.
  4. Running in iOS 13 EN is not crashing, but it only displays a spinning wheel if I try to open a note to edit or even just view it.
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