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  1. Scopeless

    Color notes

    Will we ever be able to color the notes like in Google Keep? That would be great.
  2. Are the notes automatically deleted from trash after a certain period of time?
  3. This happens to me on android when i 'minimize' the app and open it again several times.
  4. Is there any way to hide notes? I don't want some notes to appear in 'all notes' section. Thanks
  5. I don't think the internet speed is a problem because bigger notes (with much more images attached) are way faster. I think, as @Don Dz said, this is happening because a lot of the text is copied from the internet.
  6. I've tried to copy the text (without any image) from that note into another. That worked, but after closing the app and re-opening it after several hours, it started to work slow again. 'Simplify formatting' would destroy my note layout. Thanks for your help and i'm waiting for some more opinions. (sorry for my english)
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