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  1. @gazumped I still know my email address and old password, but it is reseted and I can not log in. When Im trying to login I see this (see screenshot) and reseted password they sent to my wrong email evernote@evernote.com I have email only evernote@evernote.io
  2. Hi, can someone help me. I was registered on evernote@evernote.com email (wrong one), but my correct email actually is evernote@evernote.io Now I have to resert my pasword, they send me email to evernote@evernote.com but I do not have such an email, I do not have access. I know my passwords and etc I just do not have access to evernote@evernote.com How I can reset it, how I can get back my notes? Maybe somehow I can still connect with old password and change email?
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