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  1. But that kills the Evernote functionality? You would have to continually sweep Evernote into these directories and manually re-assign... and not have the interface for quick access? Does not sound like a particularly workable solution. Evernote would simply become a harvesting tool... not an access / archive one. If however you could export and then re-import into a new Evernote with a proper hierarchy… that would be worth doing.
  2. OK... here's an idea. Instead of trying to get Evernote to do this (...with all the reasoning whey it's nigh on impossible) … why not start from scratch? Build Evernote as it should have been ( i.e. as many users want it to be) and enable an import rather than an 'update' with a simple set of instructions. That should / could then populate the 'new' Evernote with all the old content (and set up hierarchies already established, this time as real not faux). i.e. instead of trying to re forge an existing tool … start again. With all the knowledge and hindsight the
  3. I originally posted on this thread to support additional levels of note sorting [not using tags]. One additional level would be great - two would be fantastic. I like Evernote and have used it for years but have always found this restrictive. I had hoped that over those years Evernote might have effected this change [for people who don't use tags] but the repeated mantra of 'use tags to do it' is, as may on here have commented, becoming somewhat tiresome. I do not wish to tag - I have years of notes that are not tagged - and the way I have ALWAYS worked is to drop something into the relevant
  4. Companies who don't listen to their users [ or worse... lecture them! ] are unlikely to do well. I use one more step with email and it works well for me - finding anything is easy. You can order by date. Outlook lets us search any search string for any directory tree [your Zip Code example]. I learned a long time ago that if you give the same task/objective to different talented people thy often approach it differently. Even their use of software and tool preference is likely different. There is no right way, and rarely an 'only way'. Flexibility empowers people. So many of yo
  5. Thanks to all who responded to me questions. What the EV team and PinkElephant fail to grasp is that when you are moving quickly you want to grab something and drop it somewhere logical. e.g. Work / Energy / Storage / Flow or. Work / Clients / Company Name / research topic I (and it seems many others) do not want to take time to add tags - we want to file it logically and go. This is an extremely familiar process to most - why try and force them to do things another way? I don't get it. Also... I have a lot of existing notebooks - so something of a task to re-v
  6. Where do we vote on this? And what is a good alternative to Evernote that DOES allow a decent / additional levels directory hierarchy. +1 level would be great. +2 levels would be awesome! No change = look for an alternative as it's becoming a pain in the derriere. Cheers, Iain
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