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  1. Hi I am stuck in an account locked doom loop that is preventing me from raising a ticket on my Evernote Premium account. Can anyone advise if there is a telephone/human support contact I can reach to help me? My problem is that the registered email for my premium account is no longer accessible to me; but for some reason my account has been locked. The only way to unlock it is to use the online password reset functionality - which send a reset link to an email account that doesn't work. I can still access my evernote account from my phone, but I am now very worried that I will be locked out entirely and left unable to access the last 8 years worth of my notes. I have tried to raise a trouble ticket online, but of course I have to be logged into a premium account to do this. Which I can't do because my account is locked. And so, I am stuck in a doom loop. Any ideas? Kelvin
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