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  1. Just to help everyone focus ... the issue with EN and encryption is at the server level, ie, Google Cloud. We assume everyone can manage security surrounding their own PC. Use login passwords, etc., to protect undesired access to Evernote on the individual PC. And, data in transit between the Google servers and the EN client is automatically encrypted to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. The issue is data at rest on the Google servers. What happens when bad people break through the Evernote security measures and gain access to the Evernote databases on Google Cloud? Or, what happens when an i
  2. I submitted a comment to this thread a long time ago. I'm frustrated that we can't encrypt our EN databases on Google Cloud with our own security keys. It's not enough that the data is encrypted in transit. And it's not enough that EN databases are encrypted at rest by Google Cloud. Users need to hold the encryption keys. Otherwise, I can't put sensitive information in my EverNote notebooks. I sent an email to EverNote support yesterday pointing out the fact (100% certain) that the addition of encryption would triple their sales. Here's the response: "Our development team regularly reviews f
  3. Thanks to both #pacman and DTLow. The answer is that Evernote info is secure on the Google servers via one of the encryption options (I'm guessing with customer-supplied encryption keys, most likely). So I now have confidence to upgrade from the Basic to Premium subscription. Thanks!
  4. I have the free version of EverNote. I will upgrade to premium when I have the ability to encrypt my data at rest on the EverNote cloud servers. I've looked for hours and can't find any way to encrypt a notebook within EverNote. Therefore, I can't use this product and expose my information while it's at rest on the EverNote servers. (I will use several devices to access EverNote so I don't want to use local notebooks which are difficult to share between devices.) In any case, how is it possible that a mature product like EverNote doesn't have the ability to encrypt whole notebooks? Why don
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