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  1. Hi everyone, I am a huge fan of evernote and I am keen to go completerly paperless by scanning to a file any paper I do get. However I am struggling to find an optimal DPI and image format to scan and upload my bills / important papers to evernote. So far I have tried JPG and PNG at 600dpi with file sizes 1-10 and 10-40mb respectively using irfanview because I can specify where to scan each file and they are autonumbered. My problem is if evernote is to be used effectively everything should be stored in evernote - to increase the power of its search. Can anyone suggest a better option as I am only on a free account and uploading even the JPG files will use my 60mb upload limit very very quickly! Thanks ahead!!!
  2. Hi all, Has anyone used TopProducer and is now using Evernote? How did you make the switch and what applications and services did you cobble together (besides Evernote) to reproduce the services of TopProducer? Thanks ahead!!!
  3. I own a marketing and branding firm that also operates a well-known blog for marketing students and business owners. The tools I use include a Lenovo ThinkPad, an iMac, an HTC EVO 3D, and an iPad. Our blogging software is all in the cloud. But on weekends, I travel to a city without any Internet access. I just wanted to say how important Evernote is to our blogging operation. I use the offline features of Evernote, thankfully available on all of my devices, to type up blog posts. Once I get back to a data connection, I sync all the posts and paste them into our blogging interface. The Notes feature on the iPad pales in comparison and I would be wasting all my time copying and pasting from that if it wasn't for Evernote.
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