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  1. Well, no one replied, but I sort of solved it, by (again) reinstalling evernote, but with a twist: this time I changed the system language (from hebrew) to english first. Donno if that's relevant, I thought to try that because the system language is what makes my system relatively special. Anyway now it works, for the first time in months. Just my 2 cents.
  2. My work involves mostly pdf files. Recently I try using evernote, but I cannot open any attachements. If I tap the attachment evernote ponders shortly then offers a choice. If I choose view, nothing happens. If I choose edit, evernote claims no app is available, although several are present. Interestingly, all attachments display with a broken icon where the pencil/three dots should appear. I reinstalled the app repeatedly onboth a galaxy S8 and note 9 (my current phone), both android oreo and pie. This bug has been present for several month now, and is what deters me from premium. Thanks Aviv
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