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  1. How can I set my business account up so it requires two factor authentication for our users? Obviously we can't just ask people to to turn it on themselves because people forget or don't comply for other reasons. We need to be able to protect sensitive business information, which requires centralized access and security controls. I can't seem to find how to require 2FA on our business accounts. If it can't be done then it would be reckless to use Evernote for business given today's security environment.
  2. I can't log a support request on help.evernote.com. After doing a search I click "Contact support". From there I'm presented with a list of drop down menu options. After picking one, "Technical Issue" for example, a blank page is all I get. Tried on multiple PCs at different physical locations all with different browsers and get the same thing. Windows or Mac. Same issue. Anyone else have this issue. It kind of sucks to not be able to request support for an issue about not being able to request support.
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