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  1. Complete newbie to Evernotes, but I'm an experienced IT guy, and I'm completely baffled by this Windows PC interface!! I'm trying to structure my notes, such as A Note of - My Notes - Two Notebooks under My Notes 1. Table Tennis Players 2. Table Tennis Tactics How does the functionality work on this Notes screen: (screenshot 1) 1. What is the meaning of 'the Location heading 2. Am I editing a Note or Notebook. 3. What does the Tag drop down list do, nothing happens when I use it to change notebooks 4. If a Note, how do I edit a Notebook. 5. When I click on 'Notebook's (left menu) and then double click on the first notebook, I get the editing window, but on the second notebook, the editing window does not appear, instead I get a message 'No Matching Notes found' (Screenshot 2) 6. How do I match a Notebook to a Note allowing me to edit that 2nd Notebook, I don't see any options, and dragging and dropping doesn't work. I've looked through the help notes, but I'm unable to find any of this basic navigation stuff. Do I really need a Note? I only require the two Notebooks Thanks for any help
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