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  1. Yes, thanks. I just checked, and realized my Mac is almost 10 years old so i cannot upgrade past El Capitan. Thank you all for your help. Leslie-Jean Out looking for a new Mac...
  2. Hi, In reading Pink Elephant and DT Lowe more carefully, and investigating this further, it does look like I am stuck in version 7.2 of Evernote, but should have 7.10. Is there a reason for that? Is there a way to force an update? Thanks again, Leslie-Jean
  3. Hi, What I am wanting to do is save a note as a template on my desktop version, and use it as a template in other notes. I am able to do that with the online version of Evernote. I think I am up to date on Evernote, as when I hit check for updates, I get the "You're up to date" message. I am running 7.2, and the pop up says that is the most up to date version. According to the help documents, when I hit compose, I should get the option to use a template. That option happens on the online version, but not on my desktop. Also, according to the help documents, I should see thr
  4. I am running Evernote for Mac version 7.2, and cannot find templates. I do find them in the online and ios versions, but they do not show up in the desktop version. I have read on these forums that in the desktop version, the templates should be found in the grey dots on the right hand of the notes, but I do not have dots there. Instead, I have icons for reminders, icons etc. Help! Thanks, Leslie-Jean
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