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  1. As of today everything is back to normal again even though no new update was released... I did not re-install anything, it got back to normal by itself… Relieved...
  2. Nope, Restart was not of any help, prob existed yesterday, switched off pc overnight, today prob still exists... on my Notebook with the same Version number (308919) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954) the Problem does not exist...
  3. For a few days now I cannot read any information in my notes using the Evernote Software in Windows 10. Also pictures included in posts I create are shown very small Using CTRL plus + only magnifies the note slightly and the note remains unusable / unreadable Opening Evernote in a web browser is working just fine. What's wrong and what can I do about it ?
  4. I would love to see a dark mode as well - what helps and is very eye friendly is a monitor with eye saving mode which had a more reddish color adjustment, helps a lot and I also have custom made glasses that are darker as normal reading glasses to further dim the radiation. I also work with the windows 10 dark mode, love it
  5. @PinkElephant U know for the work I am earning money with I just need sth. like dropbox, evernote, word and excel as well as a browser. Believe me, at home with a brand-new machine I am not any faster doing my work compared to the 9 year old machines in the office. Not any measurable advantage, ok everything opens a bit faster but with enough RAM installed these SW I need works pretty well with a second generation I5 processor...
  6. @RavBoy yeah I will bring a wifi adapter to the office tmr just for in case - thx for sharing
  7. @RavBoy yes I just read through your problem. but since it one day works and another not - and since one machine (right now) is syncing over the same switch/router/ISP where the other machine does not sync I give it another day now (and yesterday it was the other way round (machine wise) - see how all changes again overnight
  8. I do not entirely disagree :-) Just the only thing that makes a problem is Evernote, else everything is running smooth, fast, absolutely no other problems. I love not to have to update windows all the time whereas ok, my new W10 machine (in another location) is doing all this actually fast but yeah, just because of Evernote?
  9. affected are both machines in my office, but not constantly, that is the confusing thing.\ Now, lets see, give it a day and see what happens tmr after deleting a conflict causing notebook....
  10. and now again stuck with Dec 2018 screenshots that are deleted already, also on the server using another machine which does not have sync problems... 12:29:43 [INFO ] [5876] [3772] 0% Retrieving note "Screenshots taken December 16, 2018 a..." 12:29:43 [INFO ] [5876] [3772] 0% * guid={01597fab-8b99-4e29-9429-fda7fcce0f66} 12:29:43 [INFO ] [5876] [3772] 12% Retrieving note "Screenshots taken December 17, 2018 a..." 12:29:43 [INFO ] [5876] [3772] 12% * guid={0f7e9eb5-7601-49d9-8352-1ce04cafd325} 12:29:43 [INFO ] [5876] [3772] 25% Retrieving note "Screenshots taken De
  11. here again the latest activity log from todays problem pc: 12:00:26 [INFO ] [5876] [5880] Command line: "C:\Program Files\Evernote\Evernote\Evernote.exe" 12:00:26 [INFO ] [5876] [5880] Evernote for Windows (308474) Public 12:00:26 [INFO ] [5876] [5880] Client info: Evernote Windows/308474 (en-US, DDL); Windows/6.1.1 (Win32); 12:00:26 [INFO ] [5876] [5880] Common Editor: ce-62.1.7539 (b4061100edec459f6f54aec9a32e02c295676413) 12:00:26 [INFO ] [5876] [5880] Bootstrap info: Evernote (loadedLastUsed) 12:00:26 [INFO ] [5876] [5920] Requesting bootstrap info f
  12. And also interesting is that the same evernote account on the notebook that made a problem last week in regards of syncing there are no problems today... 11:44:35 [INFO ] [4236] [3004] 100% Updating local note "Screenshots taken October 22, 2017 at...", resource count: 0, usn=32532 11:44:35 [INFO ] [4236] [3004] 100% * guid={3C8E0C59-79C1-455F-BE73-86E864A3DDEE} 11:44:35 [INFO ] [4236] [3004] 100% Updating local note "Screenshots taken October 22, 2017 at...", resource count: 0, usn=32533 11:44:35 [INFO ] [4236] [3004] 100% * guid={25DB725B-1331-4356-9436-F7E22717EA42} 11:
  13. @PinkElephant appreciate your input :-) But we are just loosely connected to the router, restarted, even unplugged it this morning and same problem, definitely no security SW running @CalS good catch I think, I secured the whole folder and deleted it then in the evernote desktop app, the activity log shows success first with updating the server, it could connect but then has a problem again with this "Screenshots taken December 16, 2018" (previously it was a December 23 screenshot)... 11:23:42 [INFO ] [3860] [2020] 94% Updating server note "Screenshots taken November
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