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  1. yes, so we should note that it is android/windows related. apple products do not have this issue then... thx for your input
  2. So the tech support as well as development team both could reproduce the problem and it might take a while before it will be fixed. But they are aware of it. I wonder if I really was the only one who use this functionality? Else there would have been more complaints?
  3. So they could reproduce the problem. Here is the answer: I was able to recreate the issue on my end and I got the same result just like how you encountered it on your end. As a workaround for now, please try to use the print feature of the app using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + P and print the file as PDF, you must have the same results just like the PDF file that I attached on this email. I'm transferring this ticket to our technical support team who will continue to assist you. Please know that they are working on your case and will reply after they've had the opportunity to review the information you've provided. The workaround does not print 1 page on a page because of the head line, so I hope they can fix the problem asap.
  4. I do not have this problem. Actually on Android I have to tap on the green encircled pencil in order to get into the edit mode.
  5. Without EN I would be lost. Organizing all stuff with e.g. google drive is not possible in a similar effective way. I can create audio notes, also notes showing documents by taking photos within the app easily. everything around the document is cut away and the picture enhanced. with ifttt screenshots I take with my smartphone are turned into a note. on windows I take area screenshots with CTRL+ALT+S and they are turned into a note automatically. with a time stamp. It is just great organizer.
  6. maybe important to mention: the right hand side of the document is not showing in the pdf file, not even distorted. It is just cut away.
  7. Yes, these are not PDFs but I can later export the created Note as a pdf by right clicking on the note choosing "Export as PDF..." As I have written before: in the note everything looks 100% fine. Just export the note as a pdf produce the distortion and therefore the problem. A support ticket with reference to this topic is created... Thank you very much for your input, would be interesting what result u get if you export the note u created as a pdf...
  8. I use this functionality as shown in the picture. So Evernote creates the note from the pictures evernote takes itself within the app. How it handles the pictures? I have no idea.... They appear as ok in evernote. Just export it does not work properly.
  9. I use the latest evernote version on Samsung Note 8 to take the pictures. Which works just fine. I use the recommendations as mentioned by evernote themselfes, holding the smartphone for landscapemode. (in portraitmode I get multiple pictures not corrected and including parts outside the document). Which file type? I mean evernote takes care of capturing and enhancing the pictures and creating the note with all the documents in it. Works perfect. Just then right click on the note, choosing Export to pdf, and I get the bad unusable pdf file... So first picture is screenshot of the note from the note in Windows evernote, latest update of course... 2nd is the screenshot from the created pdf file... so everything is done by evernote. After taking the pics with the smartphone Android evernote automatically creates the note with enhanced pictures of the documents photographed. Playing with the export options does not help, just tried.
  10. Whilst photographing the documents using Evernote works just fine and the note itself looks good exporting results in unusable pdf file with distorted documents. What did I do wrong? See attached pics, 1st one is exported pdf, 2nd one is in the note itself, just perfect the right hand side of the document is completely cut off in the pdf document
  11. As of today everything is back to normal again even though no new update was released... I did not re-install anything, it got back to normal by itself… Relieved...
  12. Nope, Restart was not of any help, prob existed yesterday, switched off pc overnight, today prob still exists... on my Notebook with the same Version number (308919) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954) the Problem does not exist...
  13. For a few days now I cannot read any information in my notes using the Evernote Software in Windows 10. Also pictures included in posts I create are shown very small Using CTRL plus + only magnifies the note slightly and the note remains unusable / unreadable Opening Evernote in a web browser is working just fine. What's wrong and what can I do about it ?
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