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  1. "As for EN support, could it be they've refused to create a ticket because you're not a Premium user?" I hope this isn't true. I was reporting a bug, not requesting a new feature. I could see how they could prioritize fixing this bug lower because I'm not a Premium user, but to blow me off entirely doesn't make sense. I did try searching for other reports of this problem but I didn't find one. I must have not given the right search string. It's good (and bad) to hear other people have the same problem. Jon Forrest
  2. Let's say I start Evernote (272632) on Windows 7, fully patched. I type Cntl-f to be able to enter a search string. I enter the string I'm looking for in the box at the bottom on the screen. This works fine, and I close the box by clicking on the 'x' at the left hand side of the box. I then click Cntl-F again to search for another string. I see the string I searched for before, but it's in a completely different font - one that looks quite ugly. Plus, my cursor is positioned at the front of the string. To search for a new string, I have to move the cursor to the end of the string and remove the previous search text in the window. When I do this, and enter the new string, the string is displayed in the nice font that was used before when I entered the search the first time. There are 3 things that should change: 1) The font in the search window should always be the same. 2) The cursor should be positioned at the end of the previous search string. 3) There should be a single control sequence to clear the search window Cordially, Jon Forrest P.S. I reported this to Evernote as a bug but they blew me off saying to post it here. I don't understand why.
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