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  1. I have this exact same issue but it started fairly recently so it must be something changed in a recent update. I have a note that I use for jotting down interesting words, often short notes about usage. Over the past few years the list has become very long because one line contains one word (or at most a short sentence) and there's a line break between these entries. So while the total amount of text is modest, there's a lot of scrolling involved. I sometimes return to words already entered to add some new thought or edit, and I'm usually bouncing back and forth between the note in the Evernote app and some other source like wikipedia or an article where I've encountered a new usage and so forth. Until recently, when I bounced back from, say, wikipedia to the Evernote app, the note I was working in would be just where I left off, with the cursor right where I left it. This was useful and efficient because often I would be pasting in some copied text exactly where I left the cursor. But now I get exactly what the original poster, Greg, describes: "When I leave the evernote app to go to the home screen, other apps, or just lock the device temporarily - and then return - the note reloads. During this reload, the note is hidden, a loading animation appears, and then the note is reloaded, and the previous cursor position is lost." It's probably helpful to note that I have all of my notes stored locally on my phone for offline access ("download all notes" is enabled), and I have a newer iPhone with plenty of horsepower, available storage, etc. Finally, I appreciate the suggestion from gazumped because it at least offers a workaround, but candidly that's not a reasonable solution, especially given that I have have not had the issue in the past. This is something introduced more recently which has (i'm sure unintentionally) thrown a wrench into the works. As the name implies, Evernote is designed for note taking (in addition to much more), and the use case that Greg and I describe is probably pretty common. Is this something that we can expect to be addressed in a future update? Thanks, Adam
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