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  1. I thought I was the only one who felt like quitting EN, but there are clearly many others who feel this way. I've been a faithful devotee since day-one (almost). I use on Mac, iOS, Android and Win and I feel that the app (and company) have really lost their way. I LOVE the brand. I LOVE what it did, but now the experience is getting increasingly painful. All the apps are so, so slow compared to how they were. The UI is getting flabby and complicated and just looks so out-of-date. I want to support this product. I really want to feel the same way about it that I used to, but EN seem to be on a path of self destruction. The personal cost to migrate is very high, but this thread has helped give me some ideas of what to look at. If EN read this... PLEASE, for the love of cheeses, read the posts in this thread!
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