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  1. Just to do un update. it’s a know bug, but not prioritised. I’m not happy with that, hope they’ll hurry with because the scrolling is part of the problem: the processing to zoom pictures don’t work too.
  2. Unfortunately the Mac isn't a problem (the CPU and RAM aren't minimaly touched by the Evernote process: 90% free CPU and 13GB free of RAM). It's exclusively within the software that I see the problem. The Mac has few days of life so it's clean installation and I've notice it from the very begining. The problem is with the note that has images, while my Air 13" is very smooth with scrolling.
  3. Hello everyone. I've searched and seen there is an old thread without solution about this issue. On some Mac the notes with images are painfull slow to scroll. I've bought a new 2019 MacBook Pro which shows this problem, while my old 2013 MacBook Air run smoothly. I've read about high resolution or something so, but I don't see any usefull option. Can you help me? Regards
  4. Hi, PinkElephant. Thank for your suggestion. As said I'm using to attach the images under the text so I've them at glance as reference point for my cataloguing work. Also with Evernote I can share the notes to be checked and paragonated with the picutres on Windows computers. I don't know Graphics Converter, will look for.
  5. I'm not good with Applescript. On my Mac I've just searched jpg image inside the folder where are stored all the folders containing the data. In this way I've used to drag them in stock to an app called Squash and resized. In this way from 40GB I cutted it half! Which mean a lot on my 128GB hard disk. On the Win deskopt I have a terabyte system, so I'm not strugling a lot. I've just a question, if I need to format the mac for a clean OS reinstallation, would be more appropriate do export and backup the notes instead to resync and resize all the images again?
  6. Yes, I did with tag or text. It's took while to sync but when I've checked the image size was the same as before.
  7. I've tried to make some change and sync, but on the Ccomputer with Win 10 OS the image are still the same size.
  8. Hi Gazumped, thanks for the reply. I'm using the second account for writing the lots for an auction house catalogue. Under my note I attach the pictures I do of each object so to have always at glance, because I'm from Rome and the objects are in Turin and seen them one time I don't see them again. When I've used the camera I've attached large size JPG images without realizing it so I got something more than 20GB of space. On my Mac I've found useful an app called Squash which worked very well directly selecting all the photo from the library folder, instead doing one by one (impossible to do cause the amount). Thanks, I'll try to do so and see on the PC if it sync.
  9. Hi, MacBook with High Sierra OS. From the mac Library folder >application support>www.evernote.Evernote>account>www.evernote.com>xxxxx folder>content>xxxx folder.
  10. Good morning everyone. I'm new and as I've not seen any presentation thread I start by 🖐️ saying hello. I'm from Italy and have evernote from several year. I use two separate account (both premium): one mixed for private and works, and other for cataloguing and storing photos. Both account are linked to a Mac and PC-Win. I've a question as have a tons of photos and incredible ammount of space occupied by them. I've found that with a software for compression I can modify the images directly from Evernote data folder in batch, instead of doing them one by one. Evernote read the modified photo without problem, but as it doesn't recognize the difference as the file names is the same, there no sync so on the other computer there are still the large size photos. There is some trick? I've thought to delete the account on that computer and logging back, but I think the problem is either the server (?) would hasn't updated with the resize photos. Right? Thank you and have a nice weekend.
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