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  1. if you'd like to try and make evernote work again i gues this is the only way: on youtube's how to install CM13 on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 T31x - Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow' you'll find a Tutorial in which you more or less figure out your self weather this might work for you...
  2. Since the version of Evernote contained in Google Play store, now only supports Android versions 6.0+, this version is no longer compatible with any Android OS below 6.0+. If it was compatible with you device, any update from your device by manufacturer made sure your device OS no longer are compatible with the new Google Play store apps. This explains why in-spite-of being able to install some apps – with most apps running I still see in the extra info in the app store of my device with the apps that I have installed, app the following message: ”This app possibly not fully optimized for you d
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