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  1. if you'd like to try and make evernote work again i gues this is the only way: on youtube's how to install CM13 on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 T31x - Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow' you'll find a Tutorial in which you more or less figure out your self weather this might work for you...
  2. Since the version of Evernote contained in Google Play store, now only supports Android versions 6.0+, this version is no longer compatible with any Android OS below 6.0+. If it was compatible with you device, any update from your device by manufacturer made sure your device OS no longer are compatible with the new Google Play store apps. This explains why in-spite-of being able to install some apps – with most apps running I still see in the extra info in the app store of my device with the apps that I have installed, app the following message: ”This app possibly not fully optimized for you device ”. If you are not able to update your Android OS to Marshmallow you out of luck. Regardless Evernote or any other application for that matter at this time. Some app work and some don’t. So Google play store is to blame by raising the bar making sure you have to buy a new device … unless taking the risk of upgrading your rom from Lollypop to 6.0+. Looked into it, i encounter quite some warnings stating: "Disclaimer: Flashing custom ROMs voids the warranty of a device and its not recommended officially. While you’re going to do this, make sure that you’re doing this at your own risk. In case of a mishap TechBeasts, Samsung or the device manufacturers may not be held responsible." So, in other words having to risk my device in order to have Evernote running ever again I have to risk loosing the OS of my device?? Warnings also stated: “XDA recognised contributor gr8nole has brought us the unofficial build of CyanogenMod 13.0 based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. This ROM works with all variants of Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 including SM-T310, SM-T311 & SM-T315. The ROM is in very early development stages. A lot of features are expected to crash so flash it only if you’re willing to have a look and feel of Marshmallow on your Galaxy Tab 3. This ROM may NOT be kept as a daily driver at all......” in other words no guaranty weather it would work. Only now it is that I see Google Play store has the final staging monopoly thus the final say and are to blame. I am really sorry to having to find a other option for my device... now. The old device no longer fits the new narrative, like the old phone did not fit the new charger like the new mac is no the old mac like Hotmail is not out look ….more plastic for the garbage mountain. (and than al this Google’s environmental conscience a good example how they contradict themselves) Google play store. “Thanx a bunch”. At least I know now where to redirect my frustration to. Evernote her is not to blame. The just meet the new requirements… Evernote was truly kind to answer on a personal understandably and kind note giving me insight and direction So now, the question (not for here) remains is it worth it to wipe my Rom from Lolly pop to Marshmallow 6.0± and risking losing my device in order to reinstall Evernote with the risk it still would not work in the end… what to do? Of all my app’s I can truly say that Evernote what the most serious meaning of us and importance in my business. I am sorry having to find a other solution for my device now. i was upset with Evernote until their kind response. Now i know they just met the requirement Google Play store 's requirements in order to stay on board.
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