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  1. Thanks for the workaround, but it would be great if this could be achieved with a single tap on the Notebook Stack, instead of typing out the full syntax in the search field. I'm hoping they'll consider that for future updates.
  2. Fair enough. I'll just amend this to say that there have been people who've asked for this feature since October of 2008. It would be great if Evernote made this behavior consistent across its client software.
  3. Thanks for your response. It's great to hear that Evernote for Windows is working properly in this regard, but I can confirm that the Evernote web-based client, as well as the current version of Evernote for Mac (v7.9.1) does not do this. If you create a new Note using either client, and insert text only in the body, the title will always display as "Untitled" in list view. If you open the individual Note to edit the title on either the web and Mac clients, both will recognize the title field as blank, which is expected behavior. But if you edit the same note in the iOS client, the title
  4. Since people use Evernote for different uses, sometimes it's not necessary to specify a note title. However, "Untitled" is displayed for all notes which don't have a title. This is a waste of UI screen real estate and is absolutely useless in helping users visually locate notes within a list. To make things worse, the presence of the "Untitled" text causes the note body text snippet to be truncated. Please, PLEASE, do something about this. In cases where a note title is not specified, the body text should be displayed in list view instead. The Evernote user forum has 9 pages of post
  5. The Evernote iOS app doesn’t allow you view all notes within a Notebook Stack. Tapping on a Notebook Stack either expands or collapses the contained notebooks. You can only tap on the individual notebooks inside it. In addition, there's also no way to perform a search within the Notebook Stack as a whole; you can only search within individual notebooks. It's worth noting that the Evernote Mac app allows you to view all notes contained within a Notebook Stack. However, you can't search the entire Notebook Stack (aside from using special query syntax which was outlined in an archived post
  6. On the Evernote Desktop app, please allow users to search a Notebook Stack as a whole. Currently you can only search individual notebooks contained within a stack. I know there is a syntax that can be typed in (per this post from 2014), but this is pretty cumbersome (especially on mobile) versus just being able to click on the notebook stack, and then typing in your search query, knowing that search query would be limited to just that stack. This is how it currently works when you click on an individual notebook in the sidebar.
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