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  1. I got an Eye-Fi card for my camera (Canon G11) a few days ago and decided to just let 'er rip. I shot 40 photos over 3 days before experiencing monthly usage limit anxiety. My total usage for the month now is 276 MB, the vast majority for those G11 photos. I have been taking photos on my iphone for ages now and uploading to Evernote without a problem, but, of course, those are much smaller photos than the hi-res format I am using on the G11. This isn't a surprise, I know. Hi-res photos take 3M - 10M each, Evernote has a monthly limit of 500M on premium accounts. I should get 80 or so photos each month. So not a surprise, but WHAT a bummer! The whole magic of the Eye-Fi / Evernote integration is the promise of just dumping your camera onto Evernote as one component of dumping everything in your life onto Evernote. But you just can't do it. It is BOUND to fail. Everyone who owns a camera occasionally takes more than 80-100 photos in a month. I have gone ahead and deleted Evernote from my Eye-Fi configuration because it is *automatically* going to cause me a problem with moderate use. The 500M / month storage limit has gotten complaints on this forum before. It really needs to be addressed. If Evernote simply provided more storage that would be great, of course. But I would even be willing to pay more to get more storage. I really like the idea of the Eye-Fi / Evernote integration -- I would be willing to pay to make it work for me. There could be other solutions too. Evernote could provide an option to accept hi-res photos coming in, but save them to a lower res format. This would work for me. I never planned to use Evernote as an archive of raw format photos, or even hi-res photos -- I catalog those on my hard drive and in Aperture. But I would love a low-res version of the photos to be stored in Evernote. So there are lots of possible solutions. But right now the Eye-Fi / Evernote integration is pretty useless for a moderately active photographer.
  2. I want to second this thank you! Plus I want to add that I find the email feature terrific. It is *fantastic* to be able to send an email to my Evernote notebook on my blackberry. It makes my blackberry a full part of my notetaking, even though I don't have an Evernote client running on it. Both syncing all devices and being able to email notes sound like simple accomplishments, but NOBODY else has nailed them like Evernote. Syncing, in particular, is completely of the devil. You folks got it right.
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