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  1. here are some manual options for the end-user who wants a potential solution instead of a sounding board: Possible Dark-Mode for Windows SIMPLE Workaround Found https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/117744-possible-dark-mode-for-windows-simple-workaround-found/ Solution to not having white background for notes https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/86645-solution-to-not-having-white-background-for-notes/?tab=comments#comment-369525 testing in Windows Sandbox to see if it actually works.... it works for the note background. had to make a copy and send a copy of the .exe to C:\ , change the user permissions to full control, run sfk, then paste it back over the original .exe
  2. speaking to the choir of early-adopter requesters and laggard justifiers of the dark-mode technology adoption life cycle. this request goes back over five years. surely it doesn't take five years or more to update code for dark mode. business priorities of bug squashing vs end-user requests. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/45681-dark-themedark-mode/page/8/ as long as the users request bug fixes, the requests are prioritized. What’s in 6.24 GA? Fixed: Some users experienced errors when connecting Evernote to Google Drive The app would not restart after changing language settings When clicking on a notebook, the app would not always load the first note in that notebook The confirmation window when exiting the app was not always visible “Synchronizing notes” progress bar was not appearing who needs to request dark mode on windows when all that is needed is to buy and only use a mac for the purpose of one app; macs aren't that expensive anyway; who uses windows anymore; windows is the new big blue. /sarcasm
  3. @Dave-in-Decatur Points well-stated and quite practical indeed. Is it possible @Got2bFree has been checking back every 6 months to a year since 2012 or @Lutts from 2013? Surfing and skateboarding will probably be Olympic Sports before EN speculation does 😉. You’re right though, speculation amounts to nothing more than speculation unless it contributes toward the solution.
  4. Based on experience from the content, timelines, and PR updates from EN, end-user needs and requests are not high on the priority list. It's just too expensive and time consuming for the fees the end-user pays to cover the costs. Likely we'll have to just build a bridge and get over it, until the premium users care about not having dark mode enough to quit whining and vote with our premium fees elsewhere. It's like Microsoft's former CEO Steve Ballmer thinking the iPhone would be a flop, and look at what happened to the Windows Phone long-term. https://youtu.be/qycUOENFIBs EN has all the bells and whistles all the other note-taking apps do. They're prioritizing what is better for their business plan instead of the end-users needs, which is clearly a winning strategy long-term. As long as premium-users keep paying for the CEOs "Behind the Scenes" EN, they will keep delivering EN around their needs until it hurts them too much to not change. Like many of the old "too big to fail" companies, IBM, Blockbuster, Xerox, Toys R Us, etc. https://bgr.com/2016/11/04/ballmer-iphone-quote-explained/ https://www.computerworld.com/article/3233128/windows-mobile-rip-or-how-steve-ballmer-committed-avoidable-career-suicide.html
  5. I'm reading this thread with the Dark Reader extension to simulate dark mode ; )
  6. That's a helpful timeline. The "feature parity across these clients"* part should include a disclaimer, *except for dark color theme feature parity, of course ; )* How did MacOS, iOS, and Android color theme feature parity jump to the front of the line on those priorities and leave Windows at the back or as the designated driver? What other clients are there than the two main desktop, Mac & Windows, and two main mobile, Android & iOS? Is it likely that if the development team used Windows instead of MacOS then it would have be prioritized or at least been included? Aside from the number of details of the matter discussed above for the technical issues, if Dark Mode were a priority, would it not also be pushed out just like any other priority or feature parity? Perhaps, it could be less of a timeline and more of a dev-user, competitive, or business preference, but then don't devs and ceos also use the customizable Windows, and doesn't EN have to also compete with all the other Note-taking cross-platform apps that have already included the Mac, Android, and iOS clients in their Dark Mode feature parity? ...but all that is only speculation based on experience of what's been delivered.
  7. This could be a work around, though it doesn't have all the same functionality as the local Windows Program/App. In Chrome, Use the Menu > More Tools > Create Shortcut for when logged in to your web account (might need to quickly create the shortcut while the page is loading for https://www.evernote.com/Home.action instead of the generated link for the note at the top of the side column list). Select Open as Window. Shows up on your desktop and in the Apps Tab as Evernote Web. Then add a dark mode reader for Chrome like Dark Reader. Customize colors as desired. **works on Google Docs also.** If you want to try something different for a change, install f.lux and enable Darkroom Mode.
  8. Use the More Tools > Create Shortcut in Chrome for when logged in to your web account (might need to quickly create the shortcut while the page is loading for https://www.evernote.com/Home.action). Then add a dark mode reader for Chrome like Dark Reader. Customize colors as desired.
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