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  1. Thanks for your answers! Sad that different windows only work with a mac, but good to know there's really no other way except opening Evernote several times in different browsers. So I will stop looking for an other way to try it now... And using tags as an addition to different notebooks might be a solution, I will definitely try it out. Thanks a lot! 🙂
  2. I have up to 5 notebooks for different topics at the moment and I would find it very helpful if I could open three or more of them in parallel in different windows, so that I can work with them at the same time in parallel and switch between them as one would do with different folders (and this means, of course, more than just opening the note you are just working at in a separate window, which I already do). Do you know whether this is possible or what I can do in order to work like this? Other question, I would also like to have the possibility to make file shortcuts of a note and put t
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