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  1. Wow, after I followed the "Problems logging into the Evernote Discussion Forums..." I re-entert my Evernote page and now the surface looks completely different, the whole UI is changed. The bug is gone.
  2. Actually I can only sort my notes by date or name. But not manually, which I totally prefer. I'd expect to drag and drop my notes to my own expectations. Is this only possible with an upgrade of my account? Evernote on Safari 11.1 on OSX Sierra, Mac
  3. I am having issues with Safari. These issue does not appear with Firefox -> old Evernote surface. When I want to use to scroll via touchpad on my MacBookPro to go down from note #1 to note #26, it reaches at the bottom but then jumps suddenly back to higher notes. It's an error, a bug. When I use the mouse cursor and do it manually, I can reach my bottom notes. But this is not handy. Safari 11.1 on OSX Sierra
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