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  1. On tablet, when the highlighter is enabled, one should be able to drag their finger across text on the screen to highlight it. If you had a stylus or Apple pencil, you could then use that to highlight text as you read it. The current state: when the highlighter is enabled, nothing happens. You have to click on a word. Select the pop-up menu "Select". Then drag the boundary borders to the section of text you want. Then click the highlight icon in the menu. This makes it very very difficult to read a text document and highlight it
  2. 100% Agree. 1. No ability to search the text of a pdf when inside the annotator 2. No ability to highlight pdf text inside the annotator. A generic highlighter exists, but it doesn't track along the text line - This requires the work-around, of Open Evernote / Find PDF / Download PDF / Opening PDF is default software (Mac PDF preview or Adobe) / Highlight text in PDF / Re-Save PDF / Re-Uploading PDF to Evernote / Delete previous version of PDF / move on - The workflow should be: Open Evernote / Find PDF / Highlight PDF text / move on
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