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  1. Woooooow THIS WORKED! Thats amazing youve figured out how to hack this on Evernote Android and yet Evernote doesnt even bother to tell their users! @Roy - your process worked for me (backspacing over the hyperlink until i got to my Link Text is my preferred method).....but @John - i couldn't do your process b/c i cant get my cursor to "move" from a random spot to inside the hyperlink b/c once i let go it activated the hyperlink to a webpage. My simplified process is: 1) type "Evernote Blog www.evernoteblog.com" (NOTE: there's a space between the word Blog and the www) 2) erase the space 3) backspace/erase the URL (www.evernoteblog.com) 4) voila! Regardless - after having this thread started OVER THREE YEARS AGO.....you guys have finally found a solution! KUDOS MATES! P. S. Extra credit for anyone that might not be in the know....when you're on the Windows Desktop/Web App...just select your Hyperlink and hit CONTROL-K and you can easily type your Link Text which disappears your hyperlink while activating the Link Text URL accordingly. Go get em!
  2. Yes this is ridiculous it is a 2 year thread. I hate having URLs when using Android App.... I use ControlK with a thousand other APPS....why can't Evernote make this 30second fix? PLEASE LET USB CREATE HYPERLINKS ON ANDROID APP!
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