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  1. Thanks for that - I wasn't sure whether I should update the existing, older post or not In answer to your questions: The error occurs on syncing, not editing. New notes, clipped notes & existing edited notes are all effected. That said, of the last 111 notes, 6 appear to have synced OK - they are all existing notes which were edited since 10/10 Device storage = 59gb/128g available Evernote not stored on SD card
  2. Coinciding with Evernote's update on 10/10, yet again I'm experiencing this sync error - "Failed to copy source URI to temporary file" Previously, emptying the trash resolved the issue, but not this time - I have 106 notes waiting to sync 🙁 Can anyone help? Thanks Karen
  3. I had this issue & it resolved on emptying the Trash
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