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  1. Thanks a lot for your guidelines. After trying different settings, I also came to the conclusion that there no way around 1 task/1 note if I were to have some functionalities. Good to see my hunch confirmed! I will try to grope my way through the whole system in order to set all these bells and whistles properly.;-) Thanks a lot for your help. GC
  2. Hello to all, To DTLow, it seems that I cannot get your template to open in Evernote...is it because I am a Windows user and you are a Mac one ? Anyway, thank you for this great example of a journal, something very close to what I am looking for. Guy-Christopher
  3. Hello to everyone, My name is Guy-Christopher. I am brand new on Evernote, so please forgive me if i ask questions already treated for which I was unable to find answers in the forum...my bad. I am very impressed by the potential of Evernote. I am a Windows user across multiple platforms. One of the tools that I use in my work organization are to-do lists and logs combined. I am struggling efficiently setting a to-do list that would answer my needs, meaning: . Listing tasks with a Date Time stamp of creation that will stay what it is even if I add some detail to the it
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