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  1. Thanks a lot for your guidelines. After trying different settings, I also came to the conclusion that there no way around 1 task/1 note if I were to have some functionalities. Good to see my hunch confirmed! I will try to grope my way through the whole system in order to set all these bells and whistles properly.;-) Thanks a lot for your help. GC
  2. Hello to everyone, My name is Guy-Christopher. I am brand new on Evernote, so please forgive me if i ask questions already treated for which I was unable to find answers in the forum...my bad. I am very impressed by the potential of Evernote. I am a Windows user across multiple platforms. One of the tools that I use in my work organization are to-do lists and logs combined. I am struggling efficiently setting a to-do list that would answer my needs, meaning: . Listing tasks with a Date Time stamp of creation that will stay what it is even if I add some detail to the item . Being able to see at any time what is done (checked) and what is left to be done for that day. . Being able to set a list in advance, for a precise date ( the next day or in a week) . Being able to copy easily move to the next day what was not done yesterday. . Being able to use this list as a log, meaning adding tasks that where not scheduled, but that I did anyway. The whole process providing me at the end of the day with many levels of information essential for myself which are key to my productivity and motivation: - Did I do what was scheduled? To which extend? - Was my program realistic? Did I have to breakdown too many schedules task, did I forgot steps in between? - How can I improve my task scheduling based on previous experience Sometimes we have the feeling we did nothing, yet if we put in our log all the tasks we did not actually scheduled, we can see that this is not insignificant. The contrary is true, we have sometimes the feeling we accomplished a lot, yet looking at the log/to-do list...may be not so much. If any of you have some experience in setting or if you have a template to share for a Day/time stamped daily to-do list/log, I will be extremely grateful for your help. Thanks a lot indeed! Guy-Christopher
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