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  1. Bug Report I am running Mac version 6.0.8. When I went into preferences to change the default notebook, the top notebook was not showing in the drop down list. Unfortunately, that was the notebook I wanted. I solved the problem by adding a new top notebook, @aaa, which pushed the one I wanted down to the #2 slot where I could then select it.
  2. I am on 5.6 Beta 4, and have been unable to upgrade since then. I have the version of EN from EN, not through Apple's store. Is there a resolution to this problem? Should I send in my log files? How do I do that?
  3. I forgot to mention, once you set up this folder you have to go into Scansnap settings and change the destination to this folder. There are several changes required. First, turn off "Use Quick menu." Then under "Application" set it to Scan to Folder. Under "Save" change the destination to this new folder. You may want to create this as a new profile.
  4. Here's another way around the problem, which I found works for me. It is actually better for me than the EN-sanctioned method because the folder becomes an easy repository for everything I want to go into EN. http://veritrope.com/tech/evernote-desktop-folder/ My only suggestion is that once you do step #4, you go down to his section labeled "Fit and Finish", and do that before you implement the scripting. Otherwise the changed icon won't stick. After doing the "Fit & Finish" section, then go back up and do steps 5 & 6. I think you will like this. I also took his advice (look in the script itself), and went into the script and turned OFF all the options for tagging and notebook selection, so stuff flows directly and quickly into EN. Once it is there, I go into EN periodically and take care of notebooks and tags. I am no expert on this stuff, but I had no trouble changing the script. It is well-organized and easy to follow.
  5. Agreed. I rebuilt my database, and it did not help. I may try it again. The problem seems to be getting worse. 5.5 does not work either. I have the s1300 for Mac.
  6. Are you on a Mac? If so, go to the launchpad, find the Scansnap Manager, and click on it. Then try scanning again. If it still does not scan after that, then there is a deeper problem.
  7. I am having the same problem with 5.4.4. I get an error message "Scan to Evernote (Document) Failed to start up Evernote for Mac. Make sure that the selected application is installed correctly. Tried rebooting. no luck. I'll try reinstalling.
  8. I reloaded the Scansnap S1300 software, ScanSnap Manager for Mac V3.2L31, and that solved my problem.
  9. I recently uninstalled EN for Mac and reinstalled it to fix a different problem. When it was reinstalled, it was reinstalled, I believe, in a different location. And now I am having the same problem with the error message, "Failed to start up Evernote for Mac. Make sure that the selected application is installed correctly." As others have noted, the scanner is working fine, and the scanned file is in the downloads folder. I just have to move it to EN manually. When I have scanned a lot of documents, it is actually a bit faster to do it this way, but I wish I could get it fixed. Any ideas?
  10. Am I really the only person experiencing this issue? I feel wonderfully unique!
  11. In Snippet view when I click on "All Notes" at the head of the snippets, and I select "@Inbox" from the dropdown list, I get a list of notes that includes all the "@Inbox" items, but also includes a smattering of notes from other notebooks, including "Finance", "Personal", etc. I don't have this problem on my iPad, it is unique to both my Macs. I think I have had this problem for at least a year. I hav been quietly assuming it would be fixed at some point, but no progress yet. Do others have this problem? Rol
  12. You get the notebook column added to the list view by putting the cursor anywhere on the list header, and press the mouse pad with 2 fingers. The list of possible columns comes up. Basically the same as on the Windows.
  13. If I understand correctly, I have the same issue, and here is how I handle the problem. First take notes on the ipad using Pages. Then email the notes to Evernote. When I get to my Mac, open the Evernote note, open the pages doc, and export it to PDF. Then put the pdf into the same Evernote as the Pages note. Now you have the original, and you have the pdf, which has the same content, and is searchable in Evernote. If you need to make a change, make it in the original, re-export it to a new PDF, and then put the new pdf into the same Evernote note. You can toss the original pdf or keep, depending on if you want to track changes. If you want to mark up the pdf, you can do that on your Mac, or you can send the pdf to goodreader, and when done, send it back to Evernote. Good luck. Rol
  14. If you are on a Mac, you can open the pdf in Preview and take notes using Preview tools. If it is an MSWord doc, then it will open in Pages, and you can add comments in another color to distinguish your comments from the original doc.
  15. As of December 11, 2012, these instructions need updating. For example, after deleting EN from the app store, I cannot find the directories or the helper files described above. However, when I install EN from the Evernote web page, I get a message saying there is an app store version on my Mac. The Evernote-from-Evernote version has correctly replaced the app store version, but I don't know if I have any extraneous files on my Mac, and since it is an Air with limited space, I would like to get it cleaned up. Any ideas?
  16. When I use Camera + app on the iPhone I don't have any problem with wrong orientation in EN. Doesn't that imply it is the iPhone camera app that is the problem? Rol
  17. Evernote has quit unexpectedly 3 times since I downloaded this version. In fairness to this version, I was having infrequent unexpected quits previously, but it may have escalated now. Rol
  18. Some times, when I grab a snippet view with the mouse, and pull it onto a new notebook name, then all the notes in the first note appear to have moved into the second notebook. It is not true, they did not actually move, but for awhile the wrong notebook name is displayed in the heading for all the notes in the first notebook. As an example. All my notes arrive in a notebook called InBox. As I process these notes, I move them into another notebook. If I type the name of the new notebook in the heading, all is well, but if I select the snippet view and drag it onto the notebook name in the far left column, then all the notes in InBox show the second notebook name. Clicking on another notebook in the far left column and then clicking on InBox seems to correct the problem.
  19. Since I installed this version I have not been able to successfully send an email. Is that specific to this version, or is it a different issue?
  20. I use jbenson2's approach, but I also use a tag, so that I can quickly see all the items that will require attention in the future. Some people may just sort by create date, and not feel a need for a tag. Since I sort by different identifiers, I find it faster to select a tag than sort in a different order. Rol
  21. I am getting an error message. It's probably simple, but I do not use Applescript, so I can't fix it. error "Finder got an error: Can’t make \"Macintosh HD:Users:rolfessenden:Library:PDF Services\" into type item." number -1700 from "Macintosh HD:Users:rolfessenden:Library:PDF Services" to item I am using Version 3.0.6 (221382) on my MacBook Air 10.7.3. Rol
  22. This is problematic, no question. As long as you don't have to do it too much, you can also change the create date to reflect the order you want the notes. Rol
  23. The above workflow also works for rotations, which was another request. I just do it when I open the note to use the first time. If I don't use it, it may never get "corrected." Of course, this does not work for non-pdf files.
  24. I track informally how I find notes, and I find that 99% I find through searching. I have started adding keywords at the top of a note if I think I need them. I have 3 notebooks for non-overlapping areas of my life: Home, work, community. I use an occasional notebook for sharing stuff. I have a ton of tags, but truth be told, I don't use them to find stuff. I just search.
  25. Sorry, I posted this elsewhere, then I discovered this topic (in the most obvious place, of course). I am running the new version 3.07 beta 1 build 224219. If EN is completely shut down, and not just hidden, I can not open it unless I have a WiFi connection. Once it is open, I do not appear to need a WiFi connection to continue using it.
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