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  1. I have had no acknowledgement to my previous query. Usually, one would think, that the moderator would send a 'hello' message and response to your topic in the forum. I have no way of retrieving my files from the 2015 app on my Windows machine ever since the new upgrade. There is no technical support. Please acknowledge.
  2. This is what I get on my screen to log in. The whole system is broken for unsync new device. Nothing takes.
  3. I'm using Windows 10 but it says 7 in above file. I should be able to find Evernote in file explorer and drag my old files into the new version without having the complex method (which doesn't work) as explained by 'answers'.
  4. Lost my Evernote from years of use. Who makes a program that erases all content and has no recourse to an email query about how to recover lost notes? I cannot get rid of the popup which pushes for a premium membership. Who makes a program based on organization of ideas and then doesn't plan for a migration to new iteration? Looks to me like techno innovators are in charge and don't care about users who relied on Evernote to keep their material safe.
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