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  1. On my Samsung Galaxy S9 +, I experienced in the summer of 2020 that large notes suddenly from one day to the next became very slow to start editing. Small notes work fine, but large notes that I use for diary and the like can take 45 sec. to open for editing. But it is quick to open for view. I was hoping it was a bug that was automatically fixed, but now it has lasted at least 4 months. Is there anything I can do. It's very frustrating to edit large notes ?
  2. The app was not installed. The package seems to be damaged 😯 http://evernote.s3.amazonaws.com/android/google-play/com.evernote.google-play.
  3. To Evernote support crew: We miss that Evernote support comes with an announcement whether they have found a solution and when we can expect the problem solved. Can we get a status message?
  4. Older Evernote versions: I have found earlier versions of Evernote on the link below but not yet found out how to install them. Scroll down to see them. https://androidapksfree.com/evernote/com-evernote/
  5. Security Team× New Forum Feature Update: Best Answer× New Evernote Beta Forum Section!× Evernote for Android 3 Search not working. By johnfrew2104, Sunday at 10:12 AM in Evernote for Android REPLY TO THIS TOPIC johnfrew2104 0
  6. Solution: It's a little weird, but if my keyword starts with capital letter, then the search function works. It was a good discovery.
  7. The problems with searching for notes have started for approx. a week ago. With over 4000 notes, I am completely dependent on the search function and use it many times daily. But now search does not work even if it looks like it is working. There are no results. My device is an Android Samsung Galaxy S6. Evernote ver. 8.9 Hope for a quick solution.
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