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  1. I'm referring specifically to the type of hyperlinks like this. To rephrase my question, why doesn't the web app follow the convention from the desktop app? The shortcut documentation does say ctrl + K adds hyperlinks--and every other note taking app uses the same shortcut key, so the habit of using it is ingrained for me. I guess I was just wondering if it was a bug or a feature that never got implemented. Thanks for your responses!
  2. Chrome intercepts the shortcut key ctrl+k and so I have no way of quickly adding a hyperlink to my notes. This is a feature I've used in other web apps like Google Docs, OneNote, and Dropbox Paper, but have no luck with Evernote. Is there any way Evernote can prevent Chrome from intercepting ctrl + k so I can add a links fast?
  3. Hello, I often write measurements in different notes, like for example: 2 tbsp 5 lb 10 kg And letter/number combinations like 5x12kg. It has been bugging me that the app underlines these in red, as if they're misspelled. I have auto-correct on my device turned off (and even tried turning off the English dictionary entirely) and still my notes are filled with red lines. Any way I can turn off the app's spell checking?
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