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  1. Hi - after encountering this problem a couple of times I've ended up sending to my EN account via email & that worked perfectly! Thanks for all the suggestions
  2. Hi Daniel, thanks for the tip & link. I’m in a test & learn phase with the use of Trello to manage work & activities, EN to manage knowledge & information & zapier to automate common activities & processes where needed. Where possible I want to use apps over websites & native integration over coding & standard processes over customisation. So Now I think a simple fix would be a swap to a classic link in the coding on the Trello Windows App when an Evernote Power-Up has been enabled & a link to a note has been created. I think that should solve my primary user issue in a nice elegant way! Developers - what do you think - am I missing something? Cheere Steve
  3. Scenario / use case: I'm on my SurfacePro (Gen 2) & I'm using the Trello App. I've enabled the Evernote PowerUp for the board & have attached a Note to the Card I've viewing. I click the link to see / edit / update my note in Evernote... and a browser opens with a new tab which shows me the contents of the Note in a read only view. I want to edit the note so I click on the option to "View in Evernote" which opens a second tab in the browser but does not show me the Note I'm looking at!?! Instead I see the note I've most recently being editing. I'm left wondering why I'm now in an edit mode using the web browser when I've got the Evernote client open. Suggestion / recommendation When a user clicks to view a link in Evernote using the web version, can a script run to check if the Evernote app is installed and either make a decision for the user (to route the request that way) or to provide the user with choices depending on the scenario with the app (Closed; Open; Open & another task is being worked on etc) For me, I'm OK if the browser opens & then I click a link & I'm taken to the Windows Evernote App & the note is displayed when I'm on a PC / laptop / SurfacePro (similar behaviour to when I'm using the Evernote iPhone app). Cheers Steve
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