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  1. I've been using Evernote for years primarily as an idea dump, to save information that I use occasionally and need to access easily, and to save receipt copies. I organise my projects in it and add whatever comes to mind on the go. A few years ago I wrote a book entirely in a single Evernote note simply because I was adding to that note anyway whenever I found some time to write, so it kind of just happened that way. I've read every "X tips for using Evernote" article that I've come across and know that there are templets for planning, that many use it for research and that the tagging/organising system can be very effective if set up right (and that everyone has their own system that works for them). But nothing has really blown my mind or been an "aha" experience until recently when I came across an article about the very specific way a guy wrote a novel in Evernote. He set up a notebook for it, used a [name of book] pre-fix on all the notes in it, wrote each chapter in a separate note, had a series of research notes, character notes, a side content note (back text for the book, cover ideas, etc), and more. Nothing new really in terms of what you can do, but the very specific way that he described his system was spot on for me and made so much sense (and now I'm doing the same for my next book). I've been trying to find more specific uses like this but most articles lack actual examples. So my question is, how do you use Evernote in whatever it is that you do? I'm not looking for what you can do in general, but specific examples. Thanks in advance for broadening my perspective
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