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  1. I, tried it without the date in the beginning, then it finds it. But that's not very useful for me, is there a possibility to change the search, so it looks for more than the beginning of the word? It also finds "Impfpass", and there the word "Ausweis" is not even in the title, how does that work or why doesn't it always work?
  2. I use Windows 10 in the 64-version. But I meant the Evernote-Search (not sure if you meant that). I tried it again and I get the feeling that it searches inside the documents, but not the titles, which is kind of stupid because I try to give very useful titles... Can that be?
  3. I was searching for the scan of my ID and typed "Ausweis" (german word for ID), but it wasn't found. I used the tag I have for important documents, and there it was, named "AusweisIrisBrandt". I tried to find Iris and Brandt and it found it without problems. Why couldn't it find "Ausweis"? Could it happen again?
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